What to Know About Beer Tap Cleaning

People enjoy the refreshing, crisp taste of a delicious draught beer. However, when a beer tap line is dirty, the beer will develop a stale or sour taste. A dirty line means that bacteria and other harmful microorganisms will grow, leading to contaminated beer and possibly sick customers.

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What Should You Do?

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● As per the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Unlawful Activites Article 12: Cleaning Beer/Wine Dispensing Systems, you should clean the beer tap system every seven days at least to ensure a sanitary and clean condition.

● If you have an electromagnetic, ultrasound, or other systems that delay any bacteria growth or yeast growth, then you need to follow the cleaning directions of the manufacturer to sanitize the system properly.

What Can Cause Harm To Beer?

● Yeast and mold is surface growth on parts of the beer system that gets exposed to the air. Those parts include drains, faucets, and keg coolers.

● Beer Stone results after the barley change into malt, creating oxalic acids or salts. When the beer is dispensed in cold temperatures, calcium oxalate, or beer stone forms, it builds up in the tubing, eventually flaking off into the beer.

● Bacteria can cause the beer to taste off or have a bad smell. When beer smells like rotten eggs or has a sour taste means bacteria contaminated the beer.

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The Coil Men strive to exceed the requirements of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. You’ll never have to worry about your beer lines when you hired us. For any questions, give us a call or check out the rules and regulations from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board!

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