Beer. Need I say more?

Technically no, because beer is maybe the greatest beverage ever created by mankind. Hundreds of years ago, fresh, potable water was almost impossible to find, so beer was given to workers and farm hands so they wouldn’t get sick from tainted water. Back then, beer was a very common solution for dirty water because of its alcohol content. In fact, beer was an early form of water “purification.” So in honor of the earliest brewmasters, we are going to take a moment to discuss the perfect beer pour, so you can correctly enjoy, and share, this magnificent beverage with anyone, anytime.

Spilling beer while toasting

From a tap

First, tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle. Then grab the handle and pull it until the valve is completely open. A partially open valve will result in foamy beer. Let the beer run down the side of the glass until it is about half full. Then, begin to slowly tilt the glass upright until filled. Do not let the nozzle of the tap touch the glass or the beer at any time. This can compromise the flavor, and contaminate the beer.

From a bottle

A perfect pour from a bottle uses the same technique as pouring out of the tap. Tilt the glass 45 degrees, and continue to pour to the half-way point. Slowly tilt glass upright, and finish the pour.

From a can

The secret to the can pour is the angle at which the mouthpiece is in relation to the glass. As usual, a 45-degree angle is necessary, but this time you want the mouthpiece at a 90-degree angle to the can (turn the can so the tab is parallel to the rim of the glass). This looks almost as if the mouthpiece is sideways as you pour. It will stop such a harsh pour, as is typical with canned beer.

Close up beer
man pouring beer from a can

Now that you are a bartending expert, invite your friends over and display your professional pouring skills. Things to remember: always serve beer in a cold, well-rinsed glass, and never touch the beer bottle, can, or tap, to the glass or the beer once it is poured. Enjoy!

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