As the bulk of the country prepares to reopen let us take a moment to talk about the importance of beer service sanitation during this complicated time. If you are a business owner, you are going to want to lead the pack in cleanliness, freshness, and quality when your restaurant or pub reopens. This can be achieved and sustained by contacting a skilled professional like The Coil Men! This is no time to skimp on service or care, this is the time to give back to the customer and give them a safe and dependable environment to unwind in and enjoy moving forward. 

Line cleaning – Skills and state of the art technology can get your Lehigh Valley business up and running in no time! If you haven’t already looked into The Coil Men, this is a great time to have us clean and maintain your system; to keep you ahead of the sanitation curve for good!
Beer freshness – Before opening for business be sure to test your beer, have clean beer lines, and have all beer stored properly to ensure an accurate taste test. Usually, when testing beer, the first pint is tasted and then wasted. This is an unfortunate situation, but if your beer has been tainted by improper storage or by dirty beer lines, you will lose more business from dissatisfied customers than by purchasing a new allotment of beer and cleaning your delivery system.
Sanitation – A dirty glass is a known worst nightmare of the beer aficionado. In recent years, the cleaning process has unfortunately been lax when it comes to the cleanliness and attention to detail required to serve the best version of your favorite beer possible. Long story short, keep your beverage glasses spotless. Your beer has traveled a long way, it’s a shame to corrupt the beer’s flavor during “the last mile” as it is referred to in the bartending industry.

Macro beer flight in sunlight

Inspections & Installations – Have an open line of communication with your inspectors and contractors before you decide to open up. Everyone wants to open and they want to do it in the safest, cleanest way possible so if there is an issue it is best to catch it now and work to resolve it quickly and efficiently. Your contractors and maintenance team can be of massive help during this time if some of your systems need to be cleaned, repaired, or even replaced. The money and headaches you may save from reaching out to these industries early will be well worth it.

The road to normalcy is going to be a long and complicated one, but hopefully, there is something to learn from our situation. New practices and higher standards of sanitation will allow businesses to stay afloat longer and will provide a much more satisfied customer base. This gives the service and liquor industry a chance to provide clients with the highest and cleanest level of service ever experienced to date. We at The Coilmen gladly take on the responsibility of providing the Lehigh Valley with thorough and effective strategies to keep your business running longer and cleaner for good!