Have you ever gone to your favorite bar to have a smooth, delicious beer only to taste a mouthful of vinegar? It’s offputting and causes customers not to return. Dirty draft lines are not only a health hazard but, more importantly, they ruin the taste of the beer. It causes the beer to have a stale or sour taste, almost like you’re drinking a glass of vinegar. Usually, that taste isn’t because of stale beer; it’s because of the lines itself. The Coil Men have the solution you need!

What are the signs the draft lines are dirty?

The taste will almost always be the first sign that something isn’t right with the line. A few of the contaminants are the Acetic Acid, Acetaldehyde, and Diacetyl. These aren’t the only chemicals that can get stuck in the lines.

● Acetic Acid will cause the beer to taste like sour vinegar. Acetaldehyde has more of a sour green apple taste. The yeast usually removes both, but there can be a buildup in the lines of it.

● Diacetyl happens when there is secondary fermentation when the bacteria in the lines go back into the beer.

For visual signs, you may see the lines themselves are cloudy with the excess bacteria. The faucets and the underbar couplers could have mold developing on them as well.

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What can you do to prevent this?

beer line cleaning service

In Pennsylvania, you must have your line cleaned every seven days, at least, to avoid any contamination. The Coil Men strive to exceed the requirements of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. With the top of the line cleaning equipment you know we’ll get the job done right to keep your customers safe. Ensuring that you have your lines cleaned regularly will not only save your customers from a bad experience, but it will make sure the LCB doesn’t come breathing down your neck.

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