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  • We install and repair systems and glycol units.
  • We supply refrigerated beer equipment and supplies.
  • We also happen to be premier distributors and installation experts for the BLM2000, the serious beer line maintenance system for cost-effective beer purveyors!
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Why Waste Beer?

Call or click here for information on the BLM 2000 draught cleaning system which has an 8 week cleaning cycle and operates continuously!
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PA Law

Read what the PA Liquor Control Board has to say about the BLM2000 Beverage Line Maintenance System.

Item number 12 of the Unlawful Activities deals with the section regarding this is listed below for your easy reference:

Unlawful Activities:

“12. CLEANING BEER/WINE DISPENSING SYSTEMS. It is unlawful for a licensee to fail to clean its malt or brewed beverage dispensing system in accordance with the Board’s Regulations. The method of cleaning must leave the entire malt or brewed beverage dispensing system in a clean and sanitary condition. The faucets must be cleaned at least once every seven (7) days. The dispensing lines, valves, joints, couplers, hose fittings, washers, O-rings, empty beer detectors (known as “FOBS”) and draft foam control units must be cleaned at least once every seven (7) days, unless the licensee has an operating ultrasonic, electromagnetic or other system that retards the growth of yeast and bacteria in the dispensing lines. If such a system is installed and operating, the licensee must follow the cleaning frequency and cleaning method guidelines of the system’s manufacturer.

Licensees who fail to maintain the appropriate records for such cleaning or whose malt or brewed beverage systems are found to be unsanitary are subject to citation in the same manner as any other licensee.”

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